Welcome to the HKEAA Onscreen Marking Online Booking System.
What's News
The sessions from 22 Jul to 28 Jul of Lai King Assessment Centre, Tsuen Wan Assessment Centre, San Po Kong Assessment Centre and Wan Chai Assessment Centre(Southorn Centre 13/F) will be released on 19 Jul 9:00am.
Please be informed that a connecting Flyover from Kwai Tsing Interchange Upramp to Kwai Chung Road near Lai King Assessment Centre has been carried out by the Highways Department from June 2021 to Feb 2025. Lai King Assessment Centre may be affected by noise in the said period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Your attention is drawn to the occurrence of public events (If applicable). Under these circumstances, the traffic conditions in the nearby area may be badly affected. The impact to markers and staff at the affected centre(s) will be closely monitored and temporary closure of the centre(s) may be required as appropriate. Information about temporary closure of centre(s) will be disseminated through SMS as soon as possible (abbreviations of centre names will be used in the messages and you may refer to abbreviation table available in EPO).
Note to Markers
Markers are recommended to wear face masks in assessment centres. We strongly advise markers to avoid taking meal in assessment centres.
Please change your user name and password when you first log in. For security reasons, please change your password occasionally.
The login session will expire if the computer is left idle for 15 minutes after clicking "Lock Screen". If this happens, you'll need to log in again.
Please refer to the User Manual for detailed instructions on how to use this booking system.
You may book up to three two-hour sessions per day. These sessions may be consecutive.
Each marker can reserve up to a total of ten marking sessions at any one time. Further bookings can be made only after some of the reserved sessions have been used up.
Please arrive at the centre punctually at the beginning of the marking session you have booked.
Remember to be punctual. If a marker is late for more than fifteen minutes, the centre staff may allocate the reserved workstation to another marker.
  User Manual