User Manual


The following screen will be shown.






1.       Choose language (Chinese or English).

2.       Read the Welcome message before login to the system.

3.       Click “Login” to go to the next page.


The System Login page will be shown.




1.           Enter your Login name.

2.           Enter your password.

3.           Enter the “Authentication Code” which shown in the space below.

4.           Click “OK” to login to the system, “Reset” to clear all text entered, “Back” to go back to the home page.







1.    Click ‘Close’ to continue


The main page will be shown.


1.           Please click “Individual Booking” to proceed to the next step.



The following page will be shown.



1.           Pick your choice of an assessment centre and click at the picture of the assessment centre.


1.         Select a marking zone of the assessment centre.

2.         Choose a date.

3.         Choose a session in your selected date.

4.         To reserve a seat, click on its icon “”.

5.         Click “Confirm Selection” to confirm the booking. A system message will pop up.

Please verify the booking details. To confirm, click “OK”.

6.         The summary page will be shown. You may print this page as the booking receipt.